Chris Giufre has a strong background in all aspects of property acquisition, investment, project management and construction stemming from his extensive background as a carpenter and licensed builder with commercial, residential investment and development over the past 16 years.


Co-founder and director of Essence Property Group since 2007 specialising in residential apartments, townhouses, and small scale commercial projects, Chris’s role includes strategic planning, finance, acquisitions, construction management and business development.Key to his success is Chris’ focus on providing affordable lifestyle properties that generate profitable and secure investments for the company.


Bambini Early Childhood Development Group was also founded by Chris in 2006, and he is still closely involved in every aspect of the business including acquisitions, design, construct and supervision of operational management to develop prestigious childcare centres in Queensland. The core focus for Chris with Bambini is to manage the company’s continued growth and prosperity by a combination of high level directing of affairs and guiding the organisations consistent profitability. His vision was to target the niche sector set to challenge mainstream childcare to sustain a competitive advantage. Committed to excellence Chris strives to create opportunities. This is part of his ethos. Chris personal values are built around honesty and integrity and also providing a positive working environment.


Chris is still actively involved in a wide variety of projects as a consulting partner, some of these include:

  • Australian Childcare Projects
  • SQM Aquisitions
  • Affinity Education Group
  • Petit Early Learning Journey

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